Mother Vulture return with strong outing, "Honey"

Bristol's Mother Vulture have sensationally returned with a strong new single, "Honey", which is the first single since 2021's anthemic tune "Rabbit Hole" - and the new track doesn't waste any time getting into the good stuff.

Photo by Kieran Webber

As soon as you smash that play icon you've got a stinking big guitar right in front of you, combine that with the commanding drums and some hard-rock sounding vocals it sounds like something that Guns N' Roses would be proud to call their own.

Bristol is known in the UK as a hub for great and sometimes amazing new acts, and it looks like that Mother Vulture is one of them. With a string of singles backing this one up, there's certainly more where this came from if you love it as much as we do.

With a UK tour planned and many more great tunes incoming be sure to follow them on the socials to stay up to date with this exciting quartet.