MYND PALACE return with new single, "Hide"

Coming from Bavaria in Germany we have MYND PALACE and they have returned with their new single, "Hide", which is only the second-ever release from the quintet. Their debut cut has got over 20k plays on Spotify and was a huge statement from the five-piece, but now the new track is here it just cements the fact that they are the real deal.

"Hide" is one of those tracks that you'll love from the first listen. It's got a fantastic build-up to the chorus, reminiscent of The Temper Trap before it just erupts into an out and out the anthem with soaring vocals and commanding guitar lines ensuring that you're going to be saving this to your 'liked' songs on Spotify within a heartbeat.

Speaking about the new release the band says - "The song hide is about accepting yourself. We might be influenced by society to change who we are and create a persona that’s not who we really are, just to fit in. This song should inspire everyone to make it through the dark times and find the light."

With two stunning songs in two years, I hope they release more music by the end of the year as I feel that if they get some hype behind them they will be one of the next big acts to come out of Germany.