Step into the Kitchen share shimmering track, "The Cream of Portland's Gourmet Set"

Based out of Portland, Oregon band Step into the Kitchen last week released their sonic new track, "The Cream of Portland's Gourmet Set". The new cut is their fourth release of the year, with the previous three being an EP and two singles.

"The Cream of Portland's Gourmet Set" is one of those singles that radiates love, sunshine and is filled with gorgeous vocal melodies.

Within the track, there is a slight hint of The Beatles mixed in with the psychedelic of Tame Impala and the raw emotions found in Noel Gallagher's music. Yes, it might be a bit rich to compare them against three massive acts, but when you create a track so damn exciting and big as this it's hard not to.

I really hope Step into the Kitchen into the wider American scene and into Europe as I know so many people who will love what they hear, so delve into their sound now and don't look back!