Wotts return with dreamy new single, "LEMONADE"

The ever-exciting Canadian duo of Wotts have returned with their third single of the year, "LEMONADE". Much like the drink the song is very sugary and is fully deserved to be a part of your summer plans. 

As soon as the track starts there's a delicate lo-fi intro, short but sweet it's quickly overtaken by the fast-paced drums, airy synths and vocals that sound like they belong in the upper atmosphere.

There's no denying that this track is dreamy and is the duo at their finest. With every release the band sounds like they're getting better and "LEMONADE" is a fantastic intro to the band if you're looking for some slightly lo-fi indie-pop.

Speaking about the song Wotts mention - "While on the surface it may sound like a chill summer tune, it's a song about breaking through tough times. There will be moments when you're not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but hopefully, there's something or someone there to remind you about the good."