ACUA share expansive new track, "Ghost Train"

Hailing from Köln in Germany we have ACUA's expansive new single "Ghost Train", and the band has dropped a video to accompany the single. The new cut is lifted off their upcoming album "Is There More Past Or More Future", and is setting up to be one huge slice of alt-indie.

The skitty drums in ACUA's "Ghost Train" reminds me a lot of Radiohead, with the basslines warming you up every time they are struck. It's an incredibly expansive track and with the high tone synths wailing away in the background it really helps to bring the track to a mesmerising level.

Having been together since 2018 and racking up shows in Canada and Japan they've also got their tunes in a shed-load of Spotify playlists as of late. Do be sure to check out their tour dates as they're doing another run in Canada and a few shows in their native Germany - but most of all be sure to give "Ghost Train" a spin to get you warmed up for their LP later on this year.