Aliénore unveils her debut single, "Paradise Lost"

Hailing from the German capital city of Berlin Aliénore's debut single "Paradise Lost" is one of those warm folk tunes that instantly win you over before the vocals even come in. Released a few weeks ago on the 10th of June the track has been added to a selection of playlists, not a bad way to start a new project.

As mentioned before the intro is so warm with vibrant and folk-tinted guitars warming you up for the main event, and as her vocals come in you can see why we're excited about this new singer-songwriter. 

As her stage name might suggest, Aliénore has some French roots to her and that might be where the darker nature of her music comes from, just keep an ear out for the haunting backing vocals and ticking strums of guitar in the latter half of the single.

If you like your darker-toned folk music then Aliénore is an artist you need to check out.