Bosola return with charming new single, "Space & Time"

Newcastle's Bosola has returned with their charming new single, "Space & Time", which follows on from strong previous single "Orphelia Headstrong". Much like their previous tracks this new cut is much of the same genre, a smooth blend of new-wave, alt-folk, surf and a dash of country.

Vocally it's a really strong outing, reminding me of Mumford and Sons in places mixed with the feel-good vibes of The Beach Boys.

Instrumentally it's got warm guitar tones throughout and is laced with thick bass that works its way into your head so that you'll eventually be humming it back at some point later on in the day. Add in frantic drum patterns that any high-profile drummer would be proud of - which are almost hypnotising in places - and what you have is a track that transcends genres and just gives you a dose of feel-good summer vibes.