Collect Call releases their cover of Paul McCartneys' "Temporary Secretary"

Brighton's Collect Call today releases their cover of Paul McCartneys' "Temporary Secretary". The outfit is the project of Joe Thorpe and started after Joe was performing with psych-rock bands and then ultimately he developed his own project where he could express himself fully.

The cover is a relatively quirky affair with some gorgeous licks of lo-fi guitar tones mixed in with some vocals that fit the track perfectly. Vocally it's a blend of Art Brut's direct tones, McCartney's psych tones and with some punk angst added for good measure.

The track is Collect Call's first release since 2020 and signifies the return of the singer-songwriter to the top of his game. If you like the sound of Joe's unique sound then do be sure to check out his previous pieces of work on Spotify.