Evening is Youth reveal anthemic new single, "I'm Glad I Left"

Rising New Zealand trio Evening is Youth has recently unveiled their new single, "I'm Glad I Left", with the single being their second-ever single following on from their debut track "Did You Find Your Brain?".

The anthemic cut is lifted from their forthcoming self-titled debut EP which is due to drop on July 1st 2022.

The single is a bright and upbeat indie-pop track with some dreamy moments of guitar and shoegaze. Mixed in with those sounds is a voice that has found its calling, the vocals here fit the track perfectly like a glove, complimenting the whirling synth noises rather well. In the chorus it gets so anthemic I found myself singing along by the end of it.

New Zealand has a new band to shout about and I feel like Evening is Youth's new offering "I'm Glad I Left" will easily find its way into your hearts (and playlists).