Holiday In Tokyo shares warm new track "White Marquee"

Hailing from one of the friendliest regions of England, the North East, Holiday In Tokyo has recently released their new soft-rock tune "White Marquee". The track is only the second release since their debut EP "Las Yucas is Overgrown" was released in 2020.

"White Marquee" sounds like the quartet are at the peak of their game, with lots of warm guitars being heard throughout, and with the soothing vocals caressing your eardrums from the outset. 

The thing is with this type of music is that every single one of the members has time to shine, of course the vocals are the obvious element, however, the walking bass is as brooding as any slow-blues ballads from the mid-50s.

If you're new to Holiday In Tokyo then welcome, they're one of those hidden gems that has plenty of warm guitar-based music for you to delve into, and "White Marquee" is one of them! "White Marquee" also acts as a teaser of new music which will be lifted from their debut album, so be sure to give them a follow to keep in touch with their musings.