Jane N' The Jungle share huge new anthem, "DIRTY DOG"

Phoenix's Jane N' The Jungle return with the first new track since the release of their EP "Ocean Creatures" - which has since gone on to get over a million plays. "DIRTY DOG" is the new cut and it sounds like a continuation of the sound heard on the aforementioned EP.

As soon as you play the track you're welcomed in with Jordan's mighty vocals which hook you like a fish from the very beginning. Her vocals are just so damn moody, powerful and with enough angst to create a mosh-pit on its own.

The guitars and bass are super chunky throughout with the drum fill adding even more oomph, it's no wonder they're getting picked up by radio stations all up and down the USA. It's not just about vocals but they need to be backed with solid instrumentation.

Their stats are just huge, over half a million plays on Soundcloud, well over a million on Spotify and many more on AppleMusic. No wonder they were chosen to perform at SXSW, they sound like they're on course to grab your ears and never let go.