Jennifer Alvarado releases big new track, "Rock This Way"

Jennifer Alvarado has returned with a big new track, "Rock This Way", which comes hot off the heels of the successful previous single "Curious".

As soon as you start the track is filled with anthemic guitar hooks, it acts as a way for Jennifer to get you into the song right away - like 5 seconds flat! Her vocals are prominent throughout the track, very soulful with a slightly country vibe to it mixed in with classic Americana tones.

Of course, Jennifer is from the US, North Carolina to be specific and it's wonderful to hear her accent in the song, it really helps to bring it to life. All in all "Rock This Way" sounds like it needs to be performed at sundown when the weather is a bit dusty and with the wind blowing - You can already picture it!

So drop down below to listen to "Rock This Way" in all it's glory, it's a great example of blending two very US-centric genres (Country and Americana) and making it work!