Jzzy reveals new punk-infused tune, "After Effects"

Hailing from Los Angeles, California is Jzzy, a rising star in the punk-rock scene on the West Coast of the USA. The new cut follows on from her tune "Bare Minimum" which came out earlier on in the year. 

There are lots of nods to the height of Pop-Punk with some guitar hooks you'd expect to hear in Sum 41's later work, but mixed in with some tight drum work and vocals that bring back those vibes of summer-time in 2005.

"After Effects" is really angsty and has lots of amazing elements for you to chew on, especially that thick back that's there throughout. With now seven singles (with one of them being a remix) released since 2020 it is clear to see Jzzy is not hanging around, and she's dropping some big tracks already, so if you're into what you hear head over to her social channels.