Lyra's Orchid unveils dreamy new single, "See You There"

Coming out of the South West of England we have Lyra's Orchid and they have recently released their second-ever single, "See You There". The new single comes quickly after their debut cut "Tides" racked up over 12k plays in only a couple of months.

The quartet are split between surfing hotspot Newquay and Bristol - famous for its music scene - and it sounds like their sound has been partially inspired by the waves of the South West coast of England as the way the guitar tones wash over the clean vocals.

There's a real nod to The Beach Boys here with how dreamy it is, and with the guitar tones also having been kissed by the reverb gods the whole track is truly expansive, especially at the tail end of the track. It's plain to see why they've done so well off one single, and here's to them for creating a second track to be proud of. Be sure to give "See You There" a play before everyone else does, this quartet is onto something we can feel it.