Maya Yenn drops new dark-pop cut, "Better Luck Next Time"

Based out of London we've got Maya Yenn with her vibrant new single, "Better Luck Next Time". The single is only her third release to date but sounds like she's been doing this forever it's that good.

From the start, it's got some soothing electronic-tinted vocals opening up the song before it gives way to thick electronic pulses and her ethereal vocals. The groovy bassline in "Better Luck Next Time" reminds me of Metronomy mixed with Billie Eilish's dark tones.

That's what I'd happily say the song is, a dark-pop track with shimmering bright moments that takes the listener on a ride of Maya Yenn's influences and easily sums up everything she's about. With the signer-songwriter getting in excess of 50k plays on Spotify it won't be much longer before she breaks out and the masses know of her, so give "Better Luck Next Time" a play before your mates do!