Melanie Wehbe shares stunning new single "All The Rest"

Melanie Wehbe has shared her stunning new single "All The Rest", which is her second tune of 2022 following on from "Like I DO" (which also acts as this single's b-side). The tune is euphoric pop and has plenty of moments where her vocals come out to shine.

Wehbe has well over two million plays to her name on Spotify, and if that's anything to go by this new single is bound to get over 100k spins and possibly go viral - based on the quality of it we're almost dead certain of it as she sounds like the best kept secret of Scandinavia. 

Melanie has also submitted entries for Eurovision to represent Sweden and has also written two songs that got performed at Swedish Idol. With appearances on covers of magazines in her native country she is a big name looking to break out, and with a song like this and a back catalogue just as strong I can see her doing really well overseas.