Midnight Village releases retro sounding tune, "All You Gotta Know"

Based out of Los Angeles Midnight Village has today dropped their slick new alt-pop bop, "All You Gotta Know". In the past couple of the years the duo has got a world of attention down to two of their biggest tracks yet, with "Backstreets" and "I Can't Keep Living This Way" both racking up over 300k plays between them both.

Their new single "All You Gotta Know" sounds like it will be joining those aforementioned tracks in getting well over 100k plays. Reasons being would be how smooth the track is from the very beginning, the vocals are as smooth as Charlie Puth's and are just as soulful, the charming 80s sounding guitars adds to the atmosphere and by the end of the chorus you know you'll be loving it.

The single also acts as their second single lifted off their debut EP "Save Me A Seat In Your Mind", so if you like what you hear be sure to give them a follow on Spotify so you don't miss out on future releases! The debut EP drops July 1st.