Palms Psalm reveals dreamy new single, "The Coast"

Hailing from Minneapolis in the USA Palms Psalm has recently shared his breezy new single, "The Coast". The new tune acts as his second's since started the project and has some tender moments buried within. The project started as a way to honour Eric's (the man behind Palms Psalm) father and it's such a touching track as it incorporates elements from Polynesia as his father came from Tonga. 

Eric's vocals on this new slice of dream-pop is mesmerising with lots of soaring guitar tones mixed in with surfy synths washing over them. Eric's father must've been an amazing man as this project sounds like it's got everything we need in music, relatable lyrics, vocals that come from the heart and that warms you up from the inside out.

No wonder Palms Psalm is a rising star, the music is a solid 10/10 in my eyes.