The Horn releases debut single, "Passion"

Based out of London we have The Horn with their sizzling debut track "Passion". Of course there is not much on this band as they're fresh to the scene, but from what we can hear the quintet is going to be around for a while with their pop-laced rock and roll.

Vocally The Horn reminds me of peak Britpop with the soft tones almost sounding like it's caressing the guitar tones, which are equally as charming. It's one of those tracks that is just infectious from the first play, and by the first chorus "Passion" feels like the kind of track you'll be sure to never skip.

They've already found their way into several Spotify playlists, which is a testament to how good and infectious their music is. The track was mixed by none other than Blossoms collaborator Rich Turvey - more proof the band mean business, so drop down below and give "Passion" a spin!