The Lunar Towers reveal bright new tune, "Happy as Larry"

 London rock trio The Lunar Towers has recently revealed their bright new tune, "Happy as Larry". The new offering acts as their second release and follows on from their strong debut single "The Wire".

Their first single was more towards the sound of Blossoms and The Beatles where as "Happy as Larry" finds the band leaning more towards the 'baggy' scene of Manchester. When the first sun-kissed guitar tone chimes in the track comes to life, and with the hazy vocals laced upon it you have this sense that this could've been written by Primal Scream or even The Stone Roses.

For an act who is still building a fanbase and testing out new sounds they're doing rather well so far. If the rest of their next batch of songs sound like this then they're in for a time of their lives. Expect to see them performing shows soon too!