Tornsey reveals debut single "I Feel Fine"

Hailing from Nashville, Tennessee we have Tornsey with their shimmering 80s-inspired single "I Feel Fine". The track is their first-ever - yes, we have a debut track incoming for you to get into, and what a debut it is.

If you're a fan of Fickle Friends then my goodness do we have a band that you will love, as there are so many comparisons. Speaking about the track Tess (aka Tornsey) says - "It tells the story of finding yourself "ok" after a relationship ends, but not quite sure what to do next."
In "I Feel Fine" we've got warm sun-kissed guitar tones laced upon dreamy ethereal backing vocals, thick as anything bassline with some crisp drums. The drums to be honest are one of the best parts for me as it's very expansive and can easily fill up the room all on their own. For a debut track, this is a big statement.