Trevor Phelps releases new lo-fi tune, "Home"

Trevor Phelps earlier this week released his smooth new lo-fi tune, "Home", which is his third outing of 2022. Speaking about the new single Trevor mentions - "Home is about just feeling at home no matter where you are. You could be 100,000 miles from home but with the right people home could be anywhere."

The lo-fi and bedroom-pop feel to the song is honestly so warming and really makes me feel like I'm at home as a child sitting on the couch back before I had any problems in life. Trevor's vocals are rather fragile here as it sounds like he really is singing from the heart.

With a combined tally of over 300k plays on Spotify it's clear he knows what he's doing, and with every release, he's building a loyal fanbase. All self-produced Trevor Phelps is one of the true leaders in the pop scene in his native Arkansas.