7000apart shares atmospheric new single, "No is a Nice Word"

Hailing from Stockholm in Sweden we have the duo of 7000apart and their fantastic new single, "No is a Nice Word". The upbeat indie-pop cut is the duo's second effort of 2022 following on from their dark and atmospheric tune "Player 2".

The vibe that 7000apart had on their previous cut leads into the new single, and it almost acts as daytime to the dark predecessor. The guitars here are incredibly upbeat and vibrant throughout with the vocals soothing them. 

The drum clicks and commanding backing harmonies really bring this track to light, as you can hear in the latter third of the track - that is when it's at its peak. The track is under three minutes long but that gives it so much potential to be played on radio stations in full, repeated a lot on Spotify and will almost certainly end up being one of their most played songs to date.

With well over 100k plays on Spotify 7000apart are an emerging act from Sweden that you need to keep an eye on!