Alex Beck returns with strong new single, "Tunnel Vision"

Los Angeles singer-songwriter Alex Beck has recently returned with her strong new single, "Tunnel Vision". Released in early June the single has since been played over ten thousand times on Spotify alone and has been placed in a handful of solid playlists, including our own.

"Tunnel Vision" is an airy take on an alt-pop song with some glistening synth tones washing over the track for its entire duration. Once again Alex's vocals here get us swooning over her and capture your attention right from the outset of the song. Emotionally it's charged and the song has some addictive elements such as the soothing backing vocals and tumbling drums - yes they are there if you close your eyes and focus on the song.

There's a reason why Alex Beck is releasing tracks so consistently, and it's great to see her fans loving it. So if you'd like to hear her new music first do be sure to head on over to her Spotify page for more tunes like "Tunnel Vision".