Alfie and the Avalon unveils catchy new tune, "Not Where I Belong"

Hailing from Huddersfield is Alfie and the Avalon and last Friday saw the quartet release their third single, "Not Where I Belong". Fronted with Alfie (of course) on vocals and guitar Ewan on lead guitar/keys/banjo, Toby on bass and Joe on drums they've been working on their music since the pandemic restrictions were lifted in the UK. After spending 2021 writing songs they finally broke cover earlier on in the year with their debut outing "I Can See It".

"Not Where I Belong" blends some genres together, as you certainly hear stadium-rock mixed in with folk elements and some classic anthemic indie-rock vocal hooks. Musically it's incredibly strong with some huge moments especially the bridges after the choruses with the whirling guitar tones coming back in like a fog rolling over the hill.

They've already played a smattering of shows in and around their local scene, culminating in headlining a show in Huddersfield town already, they're onto a winner here so be sure to check them out!