All Poets & Heroes unveils new single, "Give It To Me Straight"

Hailing right out of Syracuse, NY we have All Poets & Heroes with their great new track, "Give It To Me Straight". The new single is the outfit's first since the release of their EP "Colorful Lungs, Pt.1" - no doubt this will be on Pt.2 (checks editors notes, ah yes there we are).

Since they formed the band has gained a lot of attention in and around their local scene in New York state, and by the sounds of it  "Give It To Me Straight" is going to push them more into the public consciousness. 

Sitting in at a very pleasant 3:33 the track is upbeat and funky right from the outset, we've got some acoustic guitars laced on some expansive drum pads - reminding me of Everything Everything in places. Vocally it's a blend of brooding tones from Rob backed up with some gorgeous backing vocals, helping to give the track a stunning sheen.

If you're a fan of some reverb-laden guitars then do keep an ear out around the two-minute mark when they sound almost Radiohead, before the track doubles down before exploding into that oh-so-sweet chorus. 

Vocally stunning with plenty of captivating instrumental hooks to keep anyone satisfied,  "Give It To Me Straight" is out now and is streaming on our "Pure Indie" playlist.