Allee reveals her strong new single, "Boots"

At It's All Indie we like to give new artists as much exposure as possible, and with that, we have Allee's debut track "Boots" right before our eyes (well it's a debut according to Spotify at the very least).
"Boots" is one of those tracks that will end up on your playlists for sure, lots of swagger and aggression means you'll soon be humming it back once it's over.   

"Boots" was written by Allee and her collaborator Pom Pom alongside Liv Slingerland - the song is a squelchy affair with some thick electronic tones kicking off proceedings. There's no doubt that Allee's vocals are commanding as very soon you'll find yourself falling in love with her smooth tones.

When the chorus hits the whole track comes alive, it's sensational and anthemic both at the same time. This song was part of an NFT project that Allee was a part of - which got some serious attention when it was launched back in the first half of 2022.

With tracks such as this out there already I'm sure Allee's next batch of songs will be as stunning as this - so be sure to follow her on the social channels as well as Spotify.