Bag of Cans return with their upbeat new tune, "Spin Cycle"

Norwich's Bag of Cans have returned with their upbeat new tune, "Spin Cycle". The new single follows on from their well-received single "Hair on the Dog" and is set to take the local scene by storm.

"Spin Cycle" sounds like the perfect blend of The Beach Boys' vocal melodies with the delivery of The Maccabees with enough punch to open up a mosh pit. The frantic guitars play off one another with the drumbeats sounding almost like they're dancing around them, just perfectly in twine.

Bag of Cans is showing everyone why they're hot property, and speaking about the song they mention - "This is a song that celebrates the mundane in the least mundane way possible. We love washing machines and nice melodies and that's all we have to say." - safe to say if a band can make an upbeat song about a mundane subject they're almost certainly going to be a hit.