Brendan Lane reveals vibrant new single, "Grand Prize" with Eli Lev

Hailing from the capital of Maryland, Annapolis, Brendan Lane and Eli Lev have revealed their vibrant and folk-inspired new single, "Grand Prize". The new cut is Brendan Lane's second release of the year following on from the equally folk-inspired track "Oh Child".

So, "Grand Prize", it's more of an upbeat track versus Brenden's previous tracks, and maybe that's where Eli Lev comes into the fold with his smooth guitar tones and sublime vocal tones.

Speaking about the song Lane mentions - "I had this melody in my head as I was driving up to Eli’s farm, and once I played it for him, the story just fell out of us. And then Austin Bello helped us fully realize this song." Lev also adds " ... "Grand Prize" means a lot to me as it gives voice to the hidden treasures in the world that we so easily miss in our daily lives."

The song is just so damn vibrant and has plenty of vocal hooks to shake a stick at, it's an acoustic track that the likes of Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Ben Howard would be happy to call their own. The warm tones that come out from "Grand Prize" is borderline mesmerising, so if you like you're relaxed acoustic tunes then be sure to give this new track from Lane and Lev a spin.