Daniel Steer reveals stomping new single, "Rebel"

Daniel Steer has today returned with his brand new track, titled "Rebel" it's his first track since his viral 2020 song came out. For some having a viral song can be a hindrance, but for Daniel, it's an encouragement to make a banger, and that's what "Rebel" sounds like.

"Rebel" is a track that was co-written by Pam Sheyne - who's had credits on songs by Christina Aguilera and The Backstreet Boys. The cut has a flavour that's fresh to me, it's a blend of big Americana rock with smooth and soulful Country-Rock hooks. 

Daniel's vocals are sensational, it honestly is no wonder that he has got 150,000+ streams on Spotify, he's so captivating. To put it bluntly the new single from Daniel Steer is a thumping track with big drums that can fill even the biggest of spaces and guitars that have a sheen that will brighten up the darkest days.

Having performed at some of the biggest stages with his former band in the UK at Glastonbury to countries as far away as Russia, India and the USA, Daniel is doing really well making a name for himself as a solo act.

"Rebel" is out now so head over to Spotify and give it a stream - go on, be one of those people to discover it before it's everywhere!