Fledgling launches with debut EP, "Why Can't You Hold the Light of Heroes?"

Fledgling has launched with their debut EP, "Why Can't You Hold the Light of Heroes?", well when I say 'their' I mean his, as the project is the brainchild of Alfie Jackson - singer-songwriter/producer and former Holloways front man.

The whole project is a series of tracks that are co-written with other artists, with said artists also featuring on the tracks - which gives every single one of the tracks something special that the other doesn't have. On the debut EP the artists who feature are Julian Leben, Christine Schneider and 'secret artist' (who we're still trying to work out who it is).

The lead single on the album is incredibly upbeat and folk-inspired, the second which features Alfie on vocals is rather charming and piano based. The third track that features Julian Leben is also an upbeat affair that reminds us of Frank Turner with how anthemic it is. The closing song features Christine Schneider and is a hauntingly beautiful track which has nods to Of Monsters and Men to it.

Fledgling is not just an artist/project but is also a label, curator, playlist, promoter, zine and community. If you'd like to know more about the project click here, and to buy the EP on Bandcamp do be sure to click on this link

Safe to say that Fledgling is a project that sounds incredibly exciting, so be sure to follow them on the socials and of course, Spotify, to keep up to date with releases and shows.