From The Tigers Mouth releases anthemic new tune, "Wall Of Sound"

Based out of London we have From The Tigers Mouth and just this Friday they released their anthemic new tune, "Wall Of Sound" - which as it suggests is a wall of sound with lots of whirling synths, tumbling drums and distorted vocals.

The new single is one of those tracks you have to listen to until the end to appreciate it fully, it's a blend of folk-rock and sonic indie-rock tones just waiting to be discovered. 

The latest single from the band is their second studio single since forming and is a huge step forwards from their debut effort "Morning News". The single has a lot going for it, it's anthemic within the first minute and has lots of elements that you'd expect to hear in a Catfish and the Bottlemen tune. You can also keep an ear out for some truly sonic sounds at the one-minute mark - almost sounds like a spaceship taking off - and some folk-inspired guitar sounds.