Galaxy Thief return with blinding new track, "Reason"

One of the rising acts from Southampton, Galaxy Thief, has returned with their blindingly upbeat new track, "Reason".

The tune follows on from "Timewaster" and back then I thought they struck gold with that single, however, this new tune blows it out of the water in my opinion as they've now made a track that can easily go viral and have loads of fans pining over their music.

The appeal of the song is astonishing, strong vocal hooks with swagger are backed up by vibrant guitar hooks and they're all backed up with a commanding backline. We especially love the breakdown around the mid-way point, it could easily be something The 1975 or The Kooks could be capable of writing it's that good!

You need Galaxy Thief in your life, so give "Reason" a listen before everyone else does!