Jacob Reddy reveals uplifting new single, "The World Is Ours"

Blackburn singer-songwriter Jacob Reddy has recently revealed his uplifting new single, "The World Is Ours" - which also features Novustory. With every release that passes Jacob exceeds expectations, and at this rate, he is going to be one of the next acts to break out onto the national scene.

The new single acts as his third release of 2022, and my goodness was it worth the wait. The chorus alone is worth it, the upbeat and sheer drive behind the song is astonishing. Jacob's vocals here just complement the grand and expansive guitar tones and are backed up with some sweet backing vocals that add to the listener's experience.

Speaking about the new single he mentions - " ... "The World Is Ours" is written as a powerful, uplifting song to reflect the worries of a younger generation that people are standing by passively when so much needs to be done."