JYLHÄ shares her upbeat debut single, "Queen Bee"

Hailing from a small town called Petäjävesi in Finland we have JYLHÄ and her debut offering "Queen Bee". Now she's been picked up by a handful of solid curators on Spotify, and it's clear to see why.

Her vocals are the highlights for me as they stand out brightly, especially with the vibrant acoustic guitar tones that are on the track you're given a massive Summer vibe with the song. There are some lovely bass twangs and backing vocals on this track that rounds it off, and give you that urge to 'love' the song on Spotify - as we ended up doing!

Behind the JYLHÄ moniker is Liina-Maija Jylhä who is just 15 years old, so if this is what she's doing at a young age imagine what she'll be doing in 5 years' time, headlining festivals no doubt!

"Queen Bee" is out now on via Lil' Beast Records label.