Kaiyah Mercedes reveals powerful new single, "New Year's Resolutions

At the tail end of June saw Kaiyah Mercedes release her third single of the year, titled "New Year's Resolutions" it's a piano lead track that really pulls on your heart-strings. Vocally Kaiyah is very powerful with a great range, not bad for a 16 year-old!

Hailing from Melbourne in Australia she has now released three singles since she started releasing her music at the beginning of the year, and with 10k plays on average per track she's already generating a fair bit of hype around her.

Speaking about the new single Kaiyah mentions " ... "New Year's Resolutions" was written about the feelings of young heartbreak in the midst of a New Year’s Eve party. It describes ideas of a great love that fell apart, and how feelings so strong can leave you constantly looking back and wishing things were different."

The ballad is a song about heartbreak with some violin strings added to give the track depth. If you like your more powerful tracks then Kaiyah Mercedes is certainly an artist to keep an eye on.