Leibniz drops rampant new cut, "Pinocchio"

Hailing from the South coast of England we have Leibniz with their second single, "Pinocchio". We're not too sure if they are named after the chocolate biscuits or the philosopher, but one thing is for sure is that the trio know how to get an intro that will hook you in.

"Pinocchio" at the beginning reminds us strongly of Art Brut mixed with jangly guitars found in The Smiths, but as you'll soon hear the track ends up going left and taking a turn down the grunge route. The chorus is rampant and gives "Pinocchio" that bite every rock tune needs, the screeching guitars are just flipping amazing.

There are even nods to Nirvana here with the breakdown at the end, something we were not expecting at the start of the song. The trio are set to take the Brighton scene by storm, so expect to see them at The Great Escape next year - and maybe a venue near you too!