Lyric reveals dreamy new single, "1985"

Hailing from the Gold Coast in Australia we have Lyric and her stunning new single, "1985". "1985" acts as her second tune of the year and continues on from her previous singles with panache - and with every release she's refining her sound it seems to be what we have today.

And what do we have, well the single is littered with golden vocals that bounce of synthesizers. Vocally Lyric is just as good as anyone who can sell out an arena, especially with her range, soft tones and the way she sings in the chorus - it's so tender and heartwarming. Musically the track is an indie-pop track that's been touched by the dream-pop synth gods.

Even thought the track is 3:18 long it packs in a punch and ligners in your head once it's over, the addicting chorus and memorable vocals wins you over - maybe this is why Lyric's music is getting more plays release by release. 

All self-produced the singer-songwriter is a part of the new breed of musicians who know their vision and persues their dream.