MAUGER shares touching new track, "Ma Ja"

Belgium's MAUGER has recently released their new single, "Ma Ja", and the track is five minutes of folk-rock wonder. The single also acts as the second release from the Ostend outfit in 2022 following on from "Minute To Rest".

From the very start of the song, it sounds like the quartet have decided to create a track that will grip you and amaze you. It's very Ben Howard with the expansive vocal hooks and charming acoustic-driven drums, however "Ma Ja" is much more than that. The track sends a shiver down your spine when the chorus comes in every time with the haunting vocals and piano keys winning you over every time.

"Ma Ja" is a wonderful slice of folk rock and is sure to win anyone over listening to them for the first time. After giving this song a play it's no wonder how the band has got well over one million plays on Spotify. "Ma Ja" will also feature on their forthcoming album, due soon.