Multi-instrumentalist River Lane reveals her new tune, "Strength In Me"

River Lane has returned with her second single of the year, "Strength In Me", and my goodness is it a powerful dream-pop track from the Adelaide multi-instrumentalist.

Starting off with some incredibly reverbed guitars echoed out perfectly - almost like it was recorded in a church - the vocals come in and bring the track to life. River Lane (aka Emma) has some huge vocals on her, and the chorus is when this is evident. They're so powerful and yet so tender at the same time.

There's a huge comparison to London Grammar here with how pure the song is, add in some big drum hits that echo on forever and you've got a track that'll leave you stunned from the first listen. With five singles and an EP being released since Emma started sharing her music back in 2020 she's really only just warming up, and with the atmospheric new tune now out in the world I'm sure she will only grow and grow.