Noah Richardson unveils dreamy new single, "WHEREVER U GO"

With 100k streams on Spotify as of today, Philadelphia-based Noah Richardson has dropped his brand new single, "WHEREVER U GO".

The new tune sounds like it was written to be the biggest track Noah has dropped to date, as you'll find out when you hit that play button. Instantly you're welcomed into the song with a dreamy guitar line with his hazy vocals draped over it like thick syrup on pancakes.

The chorus however is when the track hits its peak as Noah's vocals go ethereal leading up to the drop, and when it comes "WHEREVER U GO" sounds more of a house track than a dream-pop. It sounds like there are two main genres at play here, and they seem to complement each other so well.

Noah Richardson is scheduled to release more music over the next couple of months via Free Dive Records - ad if you like what you hear be sure to drop in on his Spotify page to listen to his other tunes!