Ordinary // Colours releases charming debut single, "Pacific Division"

Toronto's Ordinary // Colours has today released their charming debut single, "Pacific Division", and right from the off you can tell you're going to love this. Maybe because as soon as you hit that play button you're greeted almost instantly with a warm guitar, almost acoustic drums and the glockenspiel which wins your heart.

Ordinary // Colours is the solo project of Justin Chee and was the culmination of him trying out new sounds during the start of the pandemic. 

Speaking about the new single Justin mentions " ... "Pacific Division"  is an internal monologue from a person who has left their hometown to go to a new city in order to try to realize their ambitions and goals but slowly gets bogged down by reality through an undesirable job and precarious economic situation."

Musically it's a blend of The Smiths and 00's indie-pop bands such as Peter Bjorn and John. The music is exciting and lingers in your head after the first play, giving it that oh-so-sought-after addictiveness that'll mean you will be coming back to the track once more for another fix.

Expect to see a full-length album in 2023!\