Perfectparachutepicture reveals punching new tune, "Silhouette"

The incredibly named Perfectparachutepicture has today revealed their punching new tune, "Silhouette". The new offering is the duo's second of 2022 following from "Don't Bow", and it continues along the lines of rushing drums a crunching guitars.

The Sheffield based duo is comprised of Kyle Ernest (drums/vocals) and Edward James (bass) but while listening to the new tune you'd half be expecting the band to be at least a trio as the sound is go everywhere.

The stench of the bass here is massive, they're big and fill up the track instantly, combined with the effect-laden vocals and what we have is something Royal Blood would be proud to call their own. With well over 80,000 plays on Spotify alone since they started releasing it sounds like Perfectparachutepicture have refined their sound down perfectly and are cooking something good up. 

"Silhouette" is the type of track that'll rip into your heart and never let go, be sure to get your moshing shoes on for this one as it's a punching punk-track that you're sure to love.