Ricky Jamaraz drops AA-side single titled "arrogant CDs"

Nottingham's Ricky Jamaraz has just this Friday dropped a very special AA-side single titled "arrogant CDs". The release is comprised of two tracks, titled "CDs! Noodles!" and "am i arrogant‽" (which is the first time I've seen an interrobang be used in a song title).

Around three weeks ago I remember complaining that bands and acts these days don't release b-sides or even AA-side singles anymore, and here I am eating my words as Ricky's new single is six minutes of rip-roaring indie-pop gold.

The first single of the release "CDs! Noodles!" is a fast-paced instrumental which has rushing guitars draped over smashing drum patterns and some soaring synths. I can easily see Ricky coming back to this track in the future to possibly lay over some vocals as it's infectious already, something that Phoenix or Two Door Cinema Club would sound like if I'm honest.

Heading into the second half of the release and "am i arrogant‽" has the vocals we've been waiting for, covered in reverb and haze his voice really suits the laid-back nature of the track. It's a bit more surf-pop than the previous cut but still has a thrill to it.

With loads of curators on Spotify now picking up on Ricky's music I can see him exploding in the near future with his sound - so be sure to join in and give his tracks a listen.