SAER shares stunning new single, "Sorry"

Birmingham singer-songwriter SAER just this Friday gone released his incredible and heartwarming new single, "Sorry", and soon as you start the song there's a tear in your eye. Those tears aren't necessarily for being sad, but more for how wonderfully tender and angelic Simon's (aka SAER) voice is.

After the intro the track becomes a new being, with more throbbing synths than the Stranger Things intro has, the track is borderline magical. The taste of the 1980s aesthetic is evident here and it reminds me of Marvel83 and even legendary 802 outfit Depeche Mode.

Speaking about the track SAER mentions - "This song evolved from a piano piece about a couple in need of reparation. When recording there was reverb on the vocal that held my attention and I just wanted to experiment with different soundscapes. The synths added such a drive later on in the song and allowed for great fun recording the vocals in homage to some '80s classics. 'Sorry' is being released officially on platforms on 1st July 2022, in line with a wonderfully retro show finale." 

"Sorry" is one of those tracks you just end up loving from the get-go, the majestic vocals and the throbbing reverb-laced synths are just a match made in heaven. So hurry up and fall in love with SAER's new single now!