Sandmoon returns with shimmering new single, "Wake Up"

Hailing from Beirut in Lebanon we have Sandmoon, and the new track marks the quartets return with their shimmering new single, "Wake Up". The band have had two years off since releasing their album "Put a Gun/Commotion" back in 2020 and this new offering sounds like the band has taken the sounds from that album and refined them down.

"Wake Up" is a striking track that captures your attention from the get-go, there are sun-kissed synths and a guitar line that sounds like something MGMT would write. The track slides down into a darker tone when the vocals come in and it all gets rather moody and atmospheric thereafter. With tickles of piano keys in the latter half of the song "Wake Up" really comes alive in the last minute, and when you get that far in you'll certainly be rewarded with an explosion of sounds.

Sandmoon is flying the flag for the Beirut music scene it seems, and with this new offering pushing their sound out to more people, I'm sure they're still on that upward trajectory.