Soft Set return with retro sounding new tune, "Diamond"

Soft Set has returned and they come now with a retro-sounding new tune, "Diamond". The song is the duo's second tune off their upcoming debut album, "Still Life".

The moody new track carries on the expansive guitar tones from the previous single "More More More" and adds even more expansive soundscapes to proceedings. The song starts off with a quick fade to a frantic drumbeat and synths laced with new-wave-sounding guitar tones, my thinking is this might be the sort of track that fades in from a previous track, and if that's the case I'm even more excited for the album - as I'm a sucker for when tracks flow into one another.

In "Diamond" there's a haunting synth tone that reminds me almost of Peruvian pan-pipes with how sweet they sound, it's prominent throughout and gives the track that slight dark undertone. 

All in all "Diamond" is yet another track from the Toronto-based duo which has grappled at our ears and got us in love from the first play, this album can't come soon enough - and if you want to be a part of their journey be sure to follow them on Spotify so you don't miss the drop.