YONAH shares moody new dark-pop cut "Bad Dreams"

YONAH has only been releasing music since this year, but in less than nine months he has got a lot of attention. With over 35,000 plays from his first four singles and has been playlisted by several curators o Spotify it's safe to say that his rise is not going to slow down.

YONAH is on the cusp of something special.

The mood of the song is incredible here, and considering it is self-produced it just adds to the whole ambiance. Instrumentally it's simplistic with a smooth guitar flowing through it, keys and a lovely drumbeat that binds it all together.

Speaking about the track he mentions - "This song has inspired me to write more on the dark side of my thoughts and I have an ep coming soon based on those thoughts."

"Bad Dreams" is a tender track that will surely lull you like a bedtime song for a baby, it's so soft and full of excellent vocal licks that'll end up getting you hooked from the first listen. As an independent artist who is self-producing some absolute tunes YONAH has risen up amongst the best in his local New York City and is on the cusp of something special!