The Silver Lines return with exciting new anthem, "Hotel Room"

Following from the successful release of their debut EP, "SLEAZE". The Silver Lines have swiftly returned with their indie-rock anthem "Hotel Room". The Birmingham quartet have recently come back from a stint of shows in New York City which they hope will get them more exposure over the Atlantic.

"Hotel Room" is damn exciting, infectious and anthemic.

The new offering reminds me personally of The Vaccines and The Strokes mixed with the angst of Catfish and the Bottlemen. The intro especially is fantastic with the perfectly delayed guitar ticking away like a timebomb before everything explodes into the first verse, from here it's very upbeat and will generate your feet to tippy tap and your head to bop.

The Silver Lines are the sort of act that have not got a bad song out there, and this song is certainly one of the best tunes that they've made - could easily be their best ever as it's that damn exciting, infectious and anthemic.

With love from BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music, Radio X along with lots of online outlets the trajectory of them is up up up!