Davy Lyons releases chilling new single, "Amen"

Coming back with his first single since his debut album was released back in 2019, titled "Evidence", Davy Lyons has releases his charming and  chilling new single, "Amen".

... every second of "Amen" is mesmerizingly stunning

"Amen" is laced with tender violins, tickles of piano keys all mixed with a slightly country guitar tone that brings in the warmth. Vocally Davy reminds me a lot of Ben Howard, and even though he's from Barcelona in Spain you honestly feel like he's a native from the USA as there's a hint of country in there too.

Speaking about the song he mentions - "It is a song of acceptance, an expression of thanks, a recognition of the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ we are gifted."

"Amen" is a stunning track that feels so tender in your ears, and every second is mesmerizingly stunning - be warmed your jaw will be on the floor once you're done listening to this.